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We negotiate with your vendors to reduce expenses

Bottom Line Advisors is a strategic expense reduction firm that is your partner focusing on reducing overhead by containing everyday expenditures.  ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE 100% PERFORMANCE BASED.  IN OTHER WORDS, IF WE DON’T FIND SAVINGS WE DON’T CHARGE OUR CLIENTS ANY FEES WHATSOEVER.

We accomplish savings by negotiating with your vendors and suppliers on your behalf to obtain the best possible pricing for products and services that you already purchase. We level the playing field as an impartial advocate for your business as we are “disconnected” from all of your day to day supplier relationships.  While we are at work finding revenue for your business, we free up your existing personnel to focus on other priorities.

Typically, our negotiations save clients from 20%-50% in their most significant expense categories. Everything from office supplies and cellular services to workers compensation and energy expenses.

We take an individualized approach to every client.  We target expense categories specific to your business that exhibit the greatest savings potential.  The categories listed below are just examples of where we’ve recently delivered measurable success.  Our years of experience have demonstrated that most expenses are negotiable, and we will identify those opportunities for your business.

Cellular Phone / Wireless Audit

We specialize in lowering phone bills by assessing your usage patterns and applying industry insights to typically save between 25% to 33% on cellular services without changing carriers.

Workers Compensation Audit

We conduct INDEPENDENT audits for our clients and have a 70% success rate in finding overpayments or overcharges.


There are various avenues to purchasing energy. Most common are variable and fixed rates. We help you navigate through this process to help find the most efficient pricing.

Office Supplies

We first analyze the pricing of what you are currently purchasing. This may be paper, toner, etc. We have a 90% success rate in lowering office supply expenses usually between 20%-40%.

Medical/Dental Supplies

Although this is a tricky category, we find ways to significantly reduce the price of everything from exam gloves to large medical equipment.

Food Supplies

This is a category that typically has small margins. However, we’ve made creative moves to consistently trim 10-15% from this area.

Elevator Maintenance

These agreements along with other service categories have been a natural for us as we have obtained savings in excess of 35%.

Waste and Recycling

This is another category where spending can escalate quickly. We can and have reduced this expense by 20% to 50%.

Janitorial Supplies

Another area that we have reduced expenses anywhere from 25% to 60%.

Medical Waste

Very similar to general waste, but typically even greater savings.

Pest Control

We have consolidated services and negotiated savings in excess of 45% in numerous cities.

Health Insurance

Most Companies have broker arrangements. Most of the time these arrangements are good. Sometimes their negotiations need an outside look. We’ve done this and have secured six-figure savings.

Facility Supplies

From paper products to water to building supplies we have delivered savings anywhere from 20% to 50%.